Sometimes it seems easier to reinvent wheels rather than learn from best practice 

People Management Processes and Systems

Are my people management practices legally compliant?

Organisations can struggle with what they need to do to be legally compliant. Sometimes it seems easier to reinvent wheels rather than learn from best practice. Not understanding your legal responsibilities or having inefficient people management processes can lead to additional costs both in terms of time and potential litigation.

What are People Management Processes and Systems?

These are the core set of responsibilities that an organisation needs to effectively manage its people. They need to be the right fit for the organisation. Overly complex processes can slow down organisational performance, whilst conversely, processes that are “too light” risk being non-compliant and expose an organisation to potential litigation.

A process sets out how a particular people related transaction is carried out, typically this would be set out in a policy or procedure document e.g. a Disciplinary Procedure. A system is a description of the way things are done within an organisation and might not always be documented e.g. how we train our staff.

How does it work?

At DEJA, we can help you design and manage your people management processes and systems. We can:

  • Audit your existing suite of processes and systems
  • Design and write employee contracts or employee handbook
  • Provide standard or tailored policies and procedures

Not all businesses are large enough to warrant a permanent HR presence. We can provide on-going HR support, providing advice on people related business matters, as and when you need it. This can be on “retainer” or “pay-as-you-go” basis.

We can also train your managers on the application of these processes or on an existing set of processes.

Contact us now for a free audit to assess your current processes and systems.

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