Resolving team conflict 

Disputes and Mediation

How do you deal with workplace conflict?

Conflict can happen in any workplace and it is an expensive business. Simple differences between team members at work can rapidly escalate into disputes, which can then trickle down through the organisation. Disputes can have an adverse effect on team performance: both in terms of their engagement and their productivity. In the worst cases, disputes can lead to unnecessary time off work, formal grievances and costly employment tribunal claims.

What is Workplace Mediation?

Mediation is an informal and solution focused process, which is voluntary and confidential for all parties involved. It provides a positive opportunity to resolve workplace conflict in a cost effective and constructive manner. It allows the individual the chance to discuss difficult or sensitive issues in an open, honest and secure environment.

Mediation aims to find a resolution acceptable to all, and one that repairs the working relationship for the parties involved. Finally, it restores a healthier environment for the entire workplace.

How does it work?

As mediators, we follow an established process. We usually work in pairs, ensuring we act impartially and non-judgementally, providing a safe environment for discussion at all times.

In separate private meetings, we help the individuals clarify the issues at stake and encourage them to consider possible solutions. If appropriate, we then facilitate a joint meeting to discuss these issues and solutions face to face. As mediators, our job is to ensure all meetings are conducted in a respectful and constructive manner. We will facilitate the parties towards a resolution but they will retain responsibility for the outcome.

Mediation cannot address all workplace disputes. At DEJA, we can also manage grievance and disciplinary investigations, hearings or appeals; working seamlessly with our employment law partners to manage and minimise risks to your business.

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